Unique design in the new Lesante Blu Hotel in Zakynthos

The 5 star beach hotel, spreads over 19 acres and is located at Tragaki in Zakynthos.

The study was conducted by the Architecture and Design Office “Dedalo Progetti” and Yiannis Kiratsos. On a plot of irregular shape and intense slopes, 5 buildings are laid out on parallel lines and blurred corners to protect privacy and provide unobstructed views of the sea.

The style of the buildings emerged from their seaside location. The inspiration came from the luxury of sailing boats with the dynamic lines, the predominant white and the naturalness of the wood.

The buildings broke the usual forms and reminded of a small fleet. The large aluminum glazed windows allow you to enjoy the view, wooden deck bedclothes the balconies and wooden pergolas offer discreet shading. Buildings operate in discrete sections.

Inside, the view to the sea reminds the ship’s immediacy with it.

A white palette that highlights the textures of the frames, while the rich use of wood on floors and walls offers discreet luxury.

The unobstructed view of the sea and the imaginary continuation of the outside with the connection of the deck and deck gives you moments of luxury beside the private pool and the surrounding area.

Neutral bright colors to relax the eye and small color bursts give a special character to every room.

An innovative intervention was the integration of the bathroom with the main room / suite, as if there was a personal spa in the room.

The unique aesthetics and design also apply to relaxation and wellness. Using a chip and deck on a white background blend perfectly with the blue of the water element.

Endless blue and water elements in a luxurious 5 * hotel that caters to high-demanding guests.

Source: www.hotelmag.gr